In the fall of 1993 the composers of Common Sense, friends and the kindred spirits, came together to begin an experiment. We assembled an ensemble modeled roughly on the ragtime bands from early in the century and began the first of several work-in-progress rehearsal sessions. These were informal but intense gatherings during which the participating composers and performers took time to carefully go over the prepared material, freely interacting and sharing ideas with each other about the developing pieces. (This kind of interaction happens all the time in other mediums like Theater and Dance, but is often strangely absent in the 'classical music' world.) Our conviction was that a spirit of group collaboration, both among ourselves and between us and the performers, would create a unique and positive dynamic that would inevitably show up in the finished pieces. The resulting works were premiered as a group in concerts on June 21 and June 23, 1994, in Hartford, Connecticut and New York City respectively. Our hunch was proven right. Not only were the concerts a joy, but we've since gone on to do a similar collaboration with a different ensemble each year. If these works fit with and bounce off each other in compelling and unexpected ways, it's because they came into existence and grew up together. From their very conception they shared the same invaluable environment: an interesting and interested family of performers and composers.

Track Order

  1. Dan Becker Gridlock
  2. Ed Harsh accommodating commonplaces
  3. Carolyn Yarnell Sage
  4. John Halle Structural Adjustment
  5. Marc Mellits Polysorbate 60
  6. Melissa Hui Solstice
  7. Belinda Reynolds Over and Out
  8. Randall Woolf My Insect Bride
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