List of pages that you have/have not seen in this site.

Synthetik Software (used to create cover art for "Shock of the Old" CD) -- Synthetik is dedicated to providing smart innovative software tools for computer artists and graphics and video professionals.

Other Minds -- based in San Francisco, is dedicated to new and unusual musicin all its forms.

American Music Center -- based in NYC, is a nation-wide information and resource center for Amercan Contemporary Music

American Composers Forum Bay Area Chapter -- great resource for SF Bay Area music organizations

Composers Recordings, Inc -- CRI has recorded more American music and for a longer period of time than any other record company in the world.

Kyle Gann -- Music critic for the Village Voice

Bang on a Can -- Dedicated to the work of composers across the entire aesthetic spectrum, Bang on a Can makes a home for musical inventors, misfits and pioneers.

New Music Box -- The Web Magazine for the American Music Center