OPUS415 No. 5 Lineup



Preconcert (and between sets)


Ambient Interludes

For Live electronics

jhno is improvising a live mix of soundsand textures from pre-recorded sources and algorithmic synthesis, sculpted, shaped, and beat-matched using customsoftware he wrote on his powerbook.


SET ONE: 1:00PM - 3:30PM


IDewa Putu Berata

Sekar Gadung

Gamelan Sekar Jaya

Gamelan Sekar Jaya performs the worldpremiere of "Sekar Gadung" for Balinese gamelan angklung (a 20-member percussion orchestra ofbronze metallaphones, gongs, and drums). The piece was composed by virtuoso drummer and composer I Dewa Putu Berata,Sekar Jaya's current Guest Music Director.


John Bischoff

Quarter Turn

For live electronics       

Two contrasting textures, one builtfrom pure tones and one from modulated noise, are mixed and overlaid to form a sonic space more like a lake thana landscape.


Dan Becker

Tamper Resistant

American Baroque

A cover tune. Music of Telemann istreated like silly putty: twisted, stretched, and shaped into a minimalist image of itself.


Mark Grey

Blood Red

Joan Jeanrenaud, cello

This world premiere performance bythe most profound contemporary music cellist pushes solo repertoire way beyond musical tradition. The composers integration of the latest realtime audio processing technology splashes Jeanrenaud s digital playground withradical new colors, shapes and textures.


Elinor Armer


For piano, flute, two violins, viola,and horn

A Shivaree is a raucous serenade spontaneouslyperformed, usually under the window of newlyweds on their wedding night, with the express purpose of disruptingtheir bliss as much as possible.


Citizen Band


Xopher Davidson, Thomas Day, GregoryLenczycki, live electronics

1N34A is a live electronic networkof open circuits, finite decisions, and infinite possibilities.


Dan Plonsey

Sunburst (scense 1-7)

Paul Schick, libretto

Sunburst is a collaborative semi-improvisedopera instigated by Paul Schick. It s a metaphysical science fiction piece in which we locate creativity in theidentity between the individual imagination and its collective counterpart.



SET TWO: 3:30PM - 6:00PM


Randall Woolf

Angel Dust

Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-AcousticBand

The sounds of Angel Dust come fromthe composers s childhood world: psychedelic soundscapes, trashy garage-rock, where the rhythm always verges onfalling apart, and sliding, wailing guitars.


Paul Hanosn

Pull of the Gold Rope

Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-AcousticBand

A world premiere by the Ensemble sown stellar virtuoso bassoonist, Pullof the Gold Rope is a "musical synthesis of miminalism, grooves and world music from an improvisor's pointof view."


Flandreau Goodheart - Powell Trio

No Melody for Wadada

&for glasses, saw, violin and piano.A brief exploration of the melodic quality of sonority and the sonorous quality of melody.


Katherine Shao

Judgment Day

For Tape

A remix, blending an unlikely combinationof religious reverence and sardonic commentary on our modern world, using an excerpt from Jonathan Berger's 'ThreeSongs for Jerusalem', along with the disquieting rhythm of the Clinton acquittal.


Trio (Kui Dong, Larry Polansky, Christian Wolff)

New Work

A synthesis of the music of three accomplishedcomposer/performers.



Wild Why

Jon Leidecker, samplers, effects, mixer

Basis material: hip-hop and urban popmusic sourced from local commercial radio broadcasts. Actual content becomes audible when the pop form is destroyed.



Point Takenand Emotional Ventriloquist

Michael Grandi, guitar and composition;Ashley Adams, double bass; Michael Pukish, percussion; Bob Dowling; alto sax

Point Taken: A pointillistic syncopatedwhole-tone meditation in eleven.



SET THREE: 6:00PM - 8:30PM


Jay Cloidt

Life Is Good &And People AreBasically Decent

Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-AcousticBand

A suite written by for the Paul DresherEnsemble, designed to show off their polyglot instrumental virtuosity in a wide range of genres. It zigzags aroundthe globe stylistically and flits from a witty playfulness to deeply felt emotion.


David Lang                                       


Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-AcousticBand 

A groove based, high energy work composedfor the Paul Dresher Ensemble as part of a commission from the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company for their work Fault,an evening-length choreographic work.


Silvia Matheus      


For tape

Patricia Lusk, a 70 year old woman,generously offered her contagious laughter to be the material for Cloy. Each stage of Patricia s conscience portraysthe love, desire, hate, and satisfaction bursting into a new and unconcealed world of sound texture and absurdity.


Brian Reinbolt           


For digital horn and computer

Respirateur (Breather): "I likebreathing better than working" Duchamp. Respirateur is a breathy warble from my lovely perch on the tree oflife.


Michael Fiday


Paul Binkley, electric guitar

An electric guitarist wakes up. Thereis a fruit bowl on the counter containing several different composers. He takes Beethoven, Louis Andriessen andPete Townshend, puts them in a blender, drinks the results and procedes to jam into a digital delay unit.


Ashley Adams & Danielle DeGruttola Duo

Song of the Bottomfeeders

Ashley Adams, electric upright bass;Danielle DeGruttola, electric cello

"Bottomfeeders" are illusivecreatures that exist at the bottom on leftovers from above and below. Their song is a low-end contrapuntal fusionmoving in and out of improvisation.


Melissa Hui


For soprano, clarinet, and piano

"I enjoy setting Latin texts andhad waited for the right moment to set this beautiful passage from the Requiem mass. Basically I was striving foran affecting work of simple intimacy that speaks to the heart."



Live Electronic Improvisation

Chris Brown, Scott Gresham-Lancaster,Tim Perkis, live electronics

High-energy, dense live improvisationand composition, using an assortment of homebuilt electronic and software-based instruments.



SET FOUR: 8:30PM - 11:00PM


Paul Dresher

Din of Iniquity

Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-AcousticBand

A modal and harmonic exploration ofa particular mode that the composer encountered in his studies of North Indian classical music.


Cindy Cox

Into the Wild

Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-AcousticBand

In August 1992 the starved and emaciatedcorpse of twenty-four year old Christopher McCandless was discovered at a remote campsite in the Alaskan wilderness.Into the Wild musically illustrates some of the emotional states McCandless might have gone through: innocent andjoyous anticipation, eager recklessness, frustration, fear, pain, sorrow, and finally acceptance.


Matthew Burtner

Portals of Distortion

The Metasaxophone Ensemble

Inspired by the glacial movement ofice in northern Alaska, "Portals of Distortion" for nine tenor saxophones explores concepts of sonicfissure and the inherent chaotic aspects of the instrumental sound.


David Del Tredici                            

Three Songs for Baritone and Piano

Richard Lalli, baritone

One of America s most iconoclasticand unique compositional personalites presents three of his most recent songs. Subjects include Matthew Shepard,poets include Rumi.


Belinda Reynolds


David Nadal, guitar

To yawp in Roget s Thesaurusmeans to "complain, gaze, roar, and yelp."


Matt Ingalls  


For clarinet and computer generatedsound.

Bay Area composer/clarinetist/softwaredesigner matt ingalls performs his award winning composition, "Crust" for clarinet and computer-drivensounds.


Tin Hat Trio


Rob Burger, accordian; Carla Kihlstedt,violin; Mark Orton, guitar

At once experimental and familiar,Tin Hat Trio has created a style that blends tango, bluegrass, contemporary classical, and Eastern European folktraditions with an avant-garde sensibility.