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the village VOICE
April 29, 1997

The Village Voice April 29, 1997 Kyle Gann Consumer Guide Common Sense (CRI) New York first heard the group of pieces recorded here at Roulette in June 1994. Three years later, they're wearing well. In general, I'm more taken with the group's pensive adagios than their nervous perpetuum mobiles, and so Melissa Hui's Gagaku-inspired Solstice, using only a few meditative pitches, moves me, as does Carolyn Yarnell's brooding Sage, politically incorrect in its frank, depressive romanticism. But the smoothness of this new chamber style in the hands of Dan Becker, Belinda Reynolds, and John Halle is itself impressive; the repeated anxious buildups of Halle's Structural Adjustment bring postminimalism a new level of emotional control. The crowd-pleasing closer is Randall Woolf's My Insect Bride, an elephantine spoof whose Mussorgskian lumbering threatens to burst the - boundaries of its chamber medium. B PLUS




randall WOOLF belinda REYNOLDS ed HARSH melissa HUI carolyn YARNELL marc MELLITS john HALLE dan BECKER

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