6/30/02 SF Chronicle, Joshua Kosman "The Shock of the Old" CD Review
New Music, Old Instruments
3/21/00 SF Examiner, Joshua Kosman Opus 415 no. 5 Review
A 10-Hour Fest of New Music
11/30/97 SF Examiner, Jesse Hamlin Opus 415 no. 3 Advance publicity. Cool pic of Terry Riley.
4/29/97 Village Voice, Kyle Gann CD Review#4 "Impressive."
August 97 20th Century Music, Thomas Goss CD Review#3 "This is the kind of recording that tends to hang out in the CD player long after its first hearing."
7-8/97 Fanfare, Art Lange CD Review#2 "Real craft evident amid the high spirits and fresh colors."



San Francisco Chronicle, Joshua Kosman CD Review#1 "The results are deeply enjoyable." ****
2/97 20th Century Music, Leigh Vanhandel OPUS 415 #1 Review#2 "Common Sense has established a local precedent that others will hopefully follow and support."
2/97 20th Century Music, Carolyn Hautbois and Phillip George OPUS 415 Review#2 " hours of innovative music."
6/96 20th Century Music, Thomas Goss Review of New Music for Old Instruments "glorius results mixing two different, often mutually exclusive groups: an ensemble of polished baroque traditionalists and a cadre of living composers."
12/95 Paris New Music Review, Dave Meckler OPUS 415 #2 Review #1 "A Concert for Those Who Like To Buy Their Music in Bulk"
7/12/94 Village Voice, Kyle Gann Performance Review "What we could use more of though, is Common Sense's infectious eager energy and expert writing. May they return soon."
6/22/94 The Hartford Courant, Steve Metcalf Premiere Review "Even for Real Art Ways, a place that expressly traffics in the new, this was quite a dose."
San Francisco Early Music Society New Music for Old Instruments Review
the Paris New Music Review, Dave Meckler OPUS 415 #1 Review#1 "The programming was excellent."
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